Cannabis Infused Lotion May be the answer to your aches and pains

Cannabis infused lotions, also known as topicals, are one of my favorite items that has come out of this green rush AKA the ever-evolving cannabis industry. Topicals are lotions infused with cannabis oil and used for various different therapeutic reasons. Below is a list of just a few ailments that cannabis topicals can help with.

Menstrual Cramps

Muscle Pains

Joint Stiffness






Bug Bites


Chapped Lips (They do make CBD infused lip balm and I don’t leave my house without it.)

Personal Favorite Topicals

Omm Remedies

Upside Topicals

Sugar High Lotion


Papa and Barkley Releaf Balm

Dr. Kerrklan Skincare Cream - Acne 

Jamba Superfoods CBD Lip Balm


You were born in Jersey and grew up in New York, what type of influence did the East Coast have on your upbringing? 

Taught me how to move fast. learning busses subways metros at an early age allowed me to get ANYwhere by myself. also added to my gritty/darker sound. 

You had moving to Los Angeles wasn’t even a question, why was that? What drove you to move here? — got booked for a show in la and never drove home. as soon as i landed i started working on projects and getting placements. had no choice but to stay. 

There is a different air in both cities, what is your favorite thing about Los Angeles and NY?

la - beach. ny - can go anywhere 24/7.

You’ve been here a little over 2 years now.. looking back how do you feel about your personal progression? 

— i had to go through the worst of times to finally see the light. range of progression been enormous. 

You said something that really resonated with me, about things having to go wrong in order to get you to where you are today. How do you consistently push forward despite challenges? 

— challenges make you stronger. smarter. each one is a test. if you cant face them its not for you. 

I know you’re always making moves throughout the city, what is your favorite way to spend your time? 

— when im not making beats i like to explore the city. running, taking a bird, subway, any way possible. 

A lot of our society is afraid to leave comfort, how do you feel about getting out of your comfort zone? 

—necessity. cant grow in a ‘comfort zone’. its a trap. 

I see you’ve been producing beats for artists like Freddie Gibbs, Joey Fatts and Dave East. How do you get in your creative zone to make a beat that you are proud to call your own? 

— i like to make beats early in the morning and not stop all day. really take my time. might be some cannabis clouds in the air. no distractions. 

My last question touches base on you talking about meeting people for a reason and the importance of not messing a blessing when it’s right in front of you- what have you learned from both of these?

 —  there is something to learn from everyone. opportunities arise from places/people youd least expect. dont sleep.