Things I learned from JAY Z’s book Decoded (WHAT WOULD HOV DO??)


“It just got to a point where it was like, “make this decision, because this is something you really love and you love to do. It’s time to really focus on and then get serious about it, give it your all. And once I did that, it was no looking back from there.”

This is the quote resonated with me heavily. It is what made me pack up my life and drive across the country to Los Angeles. It really opened my eyes to the work ethic and mentality of one of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever do it. He gave us a nice glimpse of his blueprint, no pun intended.

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man.”

He literally made a lifestyle and living out of being himself. 

“Treat each project indifferently. Be water, man. The best style is no style. Because styles can be figured out. And when you have no style, they can’t figure you out.”

Fluidity at it’s finest. It’s really important to me that I, myself, do not get pigeon-holed. I am ever-evolving. I think this is crucial to grow as a human being and get to your best-self.

“Put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth.” 

This makes me think a lot of things. Persistence, determination, adaptation and faith. He doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t allow anything or anyone to hold him back, not even himself. It’s more common than not that humans are their worst enemies in the sense that they limit themselves to what they feel they are capable of. They don’t break through the self-created boundaries. Get your mind on point, believe and never stop. 

“My first demo tape I played for my uncle, and he said “You never gon be better than LL Cool J.” 

JAY Z definitely turned out fine. His uncle was projecting his limitations, not Jay’s. Sometimes it’s best to keep your aspirations and dreams to yourself. This past year I DID more than I TALKED. I am learning the value of this as I grow through life, as well as believing in what you are doing. 

Which brings me to another quote I think correlates with the previous:

“I went to every single record label, and they was like, 'This guy is terrible. He's nothing.”

JAY Z was turned down by every label in the industry. He did not sit there and complain. He just started his own. He believed in himself and he did not let one person outside of himself stop him from doing what is true to him. This is a different type of self belief, one I always strive to have. It will get you far.

“The danger in that is just talk, then again the danger is it’s not. I believe you can speak things into existence.”

The law of attraction will always listen, no matter what your thoughts and words are. What you talk about will come into fruition, so choose your words wisely. 

“I ain’t gon’ sweat him, I’ma let him come to me.”

This type of mindset can be useful in many life situations. I have learned over time to let things flow and to stay unattached to outcomes. 

“Ten thou' or a hundred G keep your shit the same.”

Simple: S T A Y  H U M B L E.

“My homey Strict told me, ‘Dude, finish your breakfast.’”

Don’t allow yourself to half ass anything. 

“For any image or symbol or creative act to mean something, it has to touch something deeper, connect to something true.”

The truth resonates with people, regardless if the truth is considered to be negative or positive. Truth unites people. Connecting with people is a gift and relating with others shows how unnecessary division amongst people is most of the time.

Regardless if you are a fan of JAY Z’s music or not, this book is a great in sight to a phenomenal mind and speaks a lot of TRUTH.