IN A REAL COOL SELF-LOVE MOOD | Thank you, CocoCanna


On Tuesday, February 13th, CocoCanna played host to a Galentine's gathering, turning the back of the Blind Barber in Los Angeles into exactly our kind of perfect evening.

As we ventured out despite the rain (c'mon California, what's good), we found ourselves questioning the address upon arrival until we realized we were in fact in the right place. After walking through an empty (and gorgeously decorated) barber shop to find a not-so-secret-but-secret-to-us-entrance, we were greeted by a welcoming pop-up display featuring products from CocoCanna, Curvy Couture Intimates and Be Lit, to name a few of the brands that caught our eye.

With sounds by Cquestt and a tarot reading station featuring Amanda Bourne, we made our way onto the dance floor and happily lost track of the reality it was just a Wednesday night. From meeting friendly faces in the cannabis industry to witnessing how much fun everyone in attendance was having, it's safe to deem this Galentine's event a success.

Special thank you to Megan, of House of Margot, for connecting us and for planting the first seed of future collaborations. Wish you was hurr!


With luck on our side, In A Real Cool Mood editor KC was chosen as one of the winners of a giveaway, ensuring this Valentine’s Day is just as well spent as last night was.

FEATURed Products:

CocoCanna Hemp Oil Body Butter available here

Seasoned Brooklyn Lavender Bitters available here

Undefined Beauty Indigo Rose Glow Elixir available here

Be Lit Crystal bowl available here

In the spirit of Galentine’s (and Valentine’s), we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how holidays such as this one make it easy to get caught up in the commercial side of things. First and foremost, please don’t be fooled by society into thinking there’s only one day of the year to celebrate love. It is important to appreciate your loved ones everyday. It is also just as important to appreciate yourself everyday.

Let Valentine’s Day be a reminder to have self-love, as your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all of the other relationships in your life. Regardless if you are in are in a relationship or single, self-love is the major key to this whole life thing. 

Ways we practice self-love on the regular:

24K Gold Face Mask by Peter Thomas Roth

Like A Virgin Hair mask by Coco & Eve

Coffee with a splash of Golden Milk

Baths with Whoopi & Maya Amber Moon Cannabis Bath Soak

Writing down any worries and burning it after a brief moment aka let that shit go

Going on a long walk with headphones

Ginger shots

Doing something for your future self

Slathering yourself with CBD lotion


Drinking water with lemon

Reading, reading, and more reading

Moments of gratitude, whether first thing in the morning or first thing BEFORE BED

Going to the movies by yourself

Getting your nails done, or doing your own

Going on an aimless drive

Burning your favorite candle

Ignoring your text messages or social media

And when all else fails, just pour CBD onto your life.

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