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Want less stress and more productivity? Move over Xanax! Micro-dosing cannabis could be the perfect replacement, and with way less side effects! What is Micro-Dosing, you ask? Well, the medical definition is: an extremely small dose. In other terms, Micro-Dosing is when you take a low dose of cannabis to provide yourself with healing benefits, all without experiencing an intense psychoactive effect. Micro-Dosing cannabis has the ability to aide in chronic pain, stress, ADHD, inflammation, indigestion, and mood/emotional enhancement. There may not be whole-body effects but their will be a cellular response, meaning you won’t feel the horror-story effects people speak of when taking edibles, but you will get the medicinal benefits. Professional and slightly stoned, the perfect balance.

Micro-dosing is for (but not limited to):

- For those new to cannabis

- For the curious

- For the anxious

- For the depressed

- For those in physical pain

- For those with sleep troubles

- For those who need an overall mood booster 

Micro-Dosing is not for those who:

- Want to get super stoned 

There are multiple consumption methods for micro-dosing with cannabis. There are low dosage edibles, tinctures, vape pens, and actual cannabis flower. My preferred method,  and the one I will focus on, is the conscious consumption of low-dose edibles. That’s my go-to and I believe they are the most convenient and consistent method of consumption for Micro-Dosing. Of course, your tolerance will play a major part in what works best for you, dosage-wise. 

When choosing your edible, know the type of effects you are looking for. If you are looking for a functional and productive “high,” go with a sativa edible. If you are looking to relax but still go on with your day, choose a hybrid. If you are looking for help with sleep problems, go with an indica. If you are looking for the least amount of “high” with  medicinal effects, CBD-rich edibles are great for this.

A breakdown of my personal suggestions for Micro-Dosing:

A side note; these companies below are all California-based companies. If you have access to medical cannabis in a different state, I would then just advise following the milligram dosage.

Real Low:


Kiva Petra Mints

This is something I’d give my mother who has never smoked. If you have a tolerance at all, you may need a few of these to feel any sort of effect.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @madebykiva

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @madebykiva



This is usually my go-to. I do have a bit of a tolerance and I know my editor KC finds them to be strong. I typically tend to go with a hybrid, as I am still able to get my shit done, but with a mellow vibe. 

 Plus Gummies

Comes in: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica & CBD

Photo Courtesy of Plus Products

Photo Courtesy of Plus Products

Camino Gummies

Available in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica & CBD

Photo Courtesy of @madebykiva Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @madebykiva Instagram

Higher We Go:


If you have a very high tolerance, this may give you a mellow effect. For me, I typically would not take a 10MG regularly; it’s better designed for a very creative night in (hybrid) or a sleep-time dosage for me (indica). 

10mg Kushy Punch

Available in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica & CBD

Photo Courtesy of @lovesickla instagram & @kushypunchlife instagram

Photo Courtesy of @lovesickla instagram & @kushypunchlife instagram

10mg Dr. Norms Chocolate Chip Therapy

Available in Hybrid & CBD

Photo Courtesy of @drnormsofficial Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @drnormsofficial Instagram

In A ReAlly HIGH MooD


For all my people out there who are sad they aren’t able to get their hands legally on a Korova Black Bar anymore, this may be your only hope. For those of you not familiar with the California Cannabis Regulations, in 2018, there was a 100mg cap put on edible dosages. This means no edibles are legally able to have more than 100mg of THC in them, which has some patients upset.

Prior to these regulations there was no cap on edibles. Korova, an edible and flower company, had a product called the Black Bar, which was a 1000 mg THC brownie. I know somebody who ate the whole thing and slept for 48 hours straight. A real kush coma. Anyways, if you have a very high tolerance, your best bet would be to find a chocolate bar, or something that is 1 piece so you don’t have to eat 10-20 low-dose cookies to feel effects, as most edibles are 10-20 pieces, adding up to 100mg total in the bag.

100mg Kiva Chocolate Bar

Available in Hybrid & CBD

Photo Courtesy of @madebykiva Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @madebykiva Instagram

There are countless options, but these are just a few I am familiar with and know to be positively effective. If you are trying a cannabis product for the first time and don’t know the exact affect, it will have on you, make sure you are in a comfortable environment.

Micro-Dosing is perfect for someone who wants to functionally “take the edge off” on a daily basis. I know moms who take 5mg edibles everyday before work and now they LOVE work. BUT PLEASE, please, please do this at your own risk; Cannabis is still federally illegal, therefore you could be fired for testing positive on a drug test. 

Cannabis does not have to be overwhelming. Sometimes less really is more, so why not add a little bit of green to your routine. You might just like it! I know countless people who have transitioned to Micro-Dosing cannabis daily and have found it to be an adequate, if not healthier and happier, replacement for prescription pills.

It never fails to amaze me hearing people talk about how taking advantage of natural medicine has improved their own wellness journey and everyday routine. Because of this, I truly believe the people missing out are the ones too closed-minded to try. 

**I am no doctor, all of my documentation is simply from my personal observations in the cannabis industry. We stay highly sophisticated over here at In A Real Cool Mood.**