I know what you’re thinking. Did I really fly to Scranton, Pennsylvania to take my photo outside of Dunder Mifflin? The answer is: no, I did not. I was yesterday years old when I found out that the Dunder Mifflin building is 14 minutes away from my apartment in Los Angeles. I am not typically a television person, but an episode of The Office a day keeps the bad vibes away. I know many others are in the same boat as me; I’ve seen every episode multiple times.


There was a time in my life where every single day my roommate, Margaret, of Some Girls Get High, and I had The Office playing in the background regardless of what else we were doing at the time. Some people like background music, we liked hearing the antics of Michael, Dwight and the Nard Dog in the background.


I swear, whenever I turn to Netflix, I tell myself, “We’re going to watch something new today.” I guarantee you, two minutes after I say that to myself and scroll through the other available offerings, you’ll hear the Office theme song start playing. Or maybe, before I can even press play, my phone will go off and the theme song will start playing that way, because yes, the iconic theme is my ring tone of choice. This love for The Office is for life.


While in current times I think a lot of Michael Scott’s humor would have been deemed inappropriate, his character will forever hold a place in my heart. To show love and appreciation for the show that has brought joy to so many people, myself included, I have a gathered a list of favorite episodes from some fellow Office fans in my circle. Please enjoy!