It’s currently 11:14am Cali time and I’m on my rooftop sipping my 2nd coffee and writing. I also can’t believe it’s the weekend. This week has felt crazy. I know there was a full moon in Virgo on Tuesday and from what i’ve observed; everyone is feeling the effects. The moon moves the ocean, how would we not feel the impact? Our physical bodies are made up of an average of 50-60% water. In some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Imagine how they’re feeling this week… sheeeeesh! I haven’t always been this way, but I continuously work hard to get myself to a point where I keep calm no matter what is thrown my way. It’s a daily practice but one I am getting better at. This past week changes in many realms of my life came quickly. This week has shown me personal progression in having *innate* trust in myself, God and the universe. I look at my whole chapter of living in Los Angeles and how far I’ve come-mentally, physically and spiritually. Looking back I see how the dots connected and what i learned from certain things I’ve gone through. Everything I’ve been through has taught me something and I refuse to have it any other way. I firmly believe there can be something positive to learn in all we go through. I’ve learned the importance of having no attachments to outcomes but rather trusting the process as a whole and using my emotions and heart as a guidance system through the process.

It takes a while to rewire your brain to jump to positive as opposed to negative. Society likes to convince you it’s impossible to stay in a real cool mood on the regular. Life happens and there are days that may feel in a lower-vibrational space, that is inevitable. But to me, it is so important to keep the faith, the love, and the TRUST. It’s much better on that side of things. It’s really easy to jump to a negative conclusion, but I am not interested in easy. I am interested in consciously creating my own reality with the time I am gifted on this planet. I am interested in believing in the positive outcome or at least looking for a positive resolution in any situation. I feel as though us humans are so conditioned into thinking the worst possible scenario rather than the positive possibilities. When I began to consciously shift my perspective to focus on the good, I found more good. Manifestation and the law of attraction are no joke. When you realize the power is in your hands, you begin to move different.