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Happy International Women’s Day! Considering the cannabis plant is female, it was only right to compile a list of some dope ladies in cannabis and send our love. Check them out below!

Charlo Greene


If you aren’t familiar, Charlo was a reporter/anchor for KTVA television in Anchorage, Alaska and quit her job on-air in September 2014 while covering a story on the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical cannabis organization, revealing that she was the owner of the business.

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Margaret of Some Girls Get High



Margaret and I go waaaaay back. I actually began interning at one of her boutiques back in New York when I was 15 years old. I eventually became an employee in which turned to a full-time friendship. Margaret has seen me grow the past decade and we have gone experienced so many chapters of life together. She is the founder of Some Girls Get High as well as recently starting a youtube channel that is spiritually focused. SO MUCH LOVE!!!!

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Anna of Cococanna



A fellow taurus, I recently met Anna and we hit it off instantly. She founded a hemp CBD skincare line, COCOCANNA, and I slather IT on my body and face regularly.  Both of us seem to be pretty like-minded in our visions and I look forward to seeing what magic we create together in the future.

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420 Attorneys

Manzuri Law


I met the fly and badass ladies of Manzuri Law through mARGARET at Some Girls Get High. The Criminal Defense & Cannabis Business Law practice is made up of three women. I really admire these women as they continue to positively disrupt the status quo. Their instagram is also filled with all things dope.

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Jairia Pass

Co-Founder & Head of Sales for THC Design

When I found out one of the co-owners of THC Design was a woman, I was ecstatic. THC Design is one of my favorite flower brands there is to date. I’ve never experienced a bad high with their product and to know it was created with a women’s touch made even more sense as to why I connected so well with the brand from the jump.

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Tammy of The Cannabis Cutie and Orange County WomenGrow Market Leader

I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy at a WomenGrow panel in Los Angeles. Tammy and I connected over our passion for sports, cannabis, and pushing the movement forward. We also ended up connecting over in Miami for the NFL & Cannabis Conference too, in which we were able to have lunch with the following kick-ass woman I mention BELOW. It was nice to be able to chat with a familiar face when going to panels by yourself TOO. She is well educated and truly a cannabis cutie.

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Dr. Sue Sisley


Dr. Sue Sisley is a psychiatrist and former clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She also happens to be the first to receive the OK for a FDA-approved study of cannabis for PTSD in veterans. This is huge. I thank the power of manifestation that I was able to have lunch with her in Miami. I have been following her research and work and I admire all that she does.




This one is an obvious. Rihanna has one of the biggest platforms and she uses it transparently. Rihanna unapologetically takes ownership of how using cannabis is engrained in her daily routine and she couldn’t care less what you think.

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Mary Pryor


My friend KC actually showed me this lovely lady in cannabis. She is one the co-founders of Cannaclusive, which was created to address the lack of diversity in the cannabis industry. Her battle with Chron’s Disease allowed her to embrace cannabis and she combined her powers in digital marketing with her passion for cannabis, turning it into a full-fledged career. 

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The ladies of The CBD Cloud


I came across the instagram page The CBD Cloud and was immediately drawn into the wonderful aesthetic of combining cannabis and glam. Come to find out, behind the visually pleasing instagram was a NYC female-owned CBD Boutique and Delivery Service. I reached out to them, as they seemed aligned with a similar mission as mine. If you are looking for top-notch products and are located in New York, these are your ladies. If you are located elsewhere, at least head to their beautifully well done instagram page for daily inspiration. 


Esther Lenoir



About a week ago my roommate introduced me to her friend’s sister’s company, Session Goods. The company specializes in simple and stylish glass pieces, specifically bongs. The founder of the company, Esther Lenoir, definitely has an eye for creating pieces in the cannabis space with an artistic touch. Forbes also just did a review on the company.  I am a bong person myself, and I am hoping the pink one you’ll see below comes out sooner than later. They will definitely be receiving my order!

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Lauren Sardinia


Last but not least, my lovely BFF Lauren Sardinia. Lauren has dispensary management experience in California as well as currently paving her way in the blossoming New York cannabis space. It has been great being able to experience and share the passion for cannabis with one of my besties. We fill each other in on updates in the cannabis world from both coasts and when we are able to get together we always make a nice joint cruise happen.

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It would be impossible to name every women in my path who has inspired me in this industry but I look forward to all of the women who I will cross paths with in the future. When we join forces, there in nothing we cannot do. May we all continue to shine bright and spread our light everywhere we go. You are all so loved!