I am heading to Joshua Tree for the weekend to celebrate my last few days of being 25. I want to submerge myself into nature and relax. I am not really the type to go out clubbing and I rarely drink alcohol. every year as my birthday creeps up, I tend to start reflecting on the year prior and then how I’d like to move forward. I am thankful to wake up and see another year, so I enjoy celebrating my coming-to-earth day (which is actually on Earth day too.) It reminds me of my growth and continuing this marathon of life. It feels like I am watching myself hand a baton to myself, cheering myself on to evolve as i’ve gone through another year on earth. Does that make sense? hopefully.

As I mentioned, I’m more of the “go on adventure and stargaze in the desert with the few people I love” type than the “club until 4am with randoms” type. Nothing wrong with the club, just not me. For one birthday I hiked Machu Picchu, another I spent on Catalina Island riding around the island on a golf cart and going on a submarine. This year the adventure is taking place in Joshua Tree. We plan on riding dirt bikes through the desert, swimming in hot springs, and ultimately whatever the F we want to do. I, of course, am always prepared with exactly what I think the trip needs to be the best it can be. For this trip I had my list of what was essential for our desert escape, check out details below.



Keep the dirt outta my face, but make it fashion.

One of my favorite pieces of technology I own. This bad boy is the perfect device to bring with you on trips, it fits right in my backpack and gets pretttttty loud.

Whatever your type of drink is, we have loaded the fridge with La Croix. stay hydrated, my friends.

Multiple pairs of shoes. I have boots, sneakers and slides. We have no clue what type of adventures we will be getting into, but i can tell you a lack of shoe choices won’t be a reason for stopping us.

A lot of flower. Must I explain myself? *rolls up and heads to hammock*

I have two notebooks in my backpack. I like to chill and write. I like to get up at sunrise and write. i just like to write in general. The environment of the desert is really peaceful and allows for a lot of clarity. A perfect place to write out your ish.

I have three polaroid cameras. I love having physical copies of photos. Posting online is cool and all and it’s big part of my blog, but I’d rather have original copies of moments for when I’m 80 years old I can look back on. I want to show my children polaroids from when their mom was hot and young. haaaaa. My polaroid photo album is almost full and I think after this weekend I’ll need a new one.


I am a homebody. I like to make myself comfortable whenever I travel. Candles are the perfect way to bring a scent you love, or just good smells with you wherever you go.

I brought a football, I actually have a great arm. Not everyone wants to bring on the athletic festivities while they’re traveling but I enjoy it SINCE I WON’T BE GOING TO THE GYM.

Bring your open mind. I know I know, is this corny or what? But seriously, anytime I travel to a new place I look forward to opening my mind and expanding my brain as much as I can. I want to experience things I’ve never experienced and how can you do that with a closed mind? I DON’T DO MEDIOCRE. I’M NOT GOING TO PLACES TO HALF-ASS INDULGE MYSELF IN THE ATMOSPHERE. I’M GOING ALL IN.

Last but not least, a To Do List. I generally like to have a balance of keeping my schedule flexible but still have an idea of WHAT I want to do. I DO MY research before I travel so that I’m aware of the experiences the places offer, but still keeping time open if anOTHER ACTIVITY POPS UP.

Time to let the festivities begin! I just arrived and the sunset is immaculate. I am going to light one and watch the beauty of mother nature. Nothing beats that. Ta-ta for now.