Finding your zen may feel like an obvious concept but it’s easy to get detoured in the world we live in today. Not to worry though, there are many small practices you can do on the daily to maintain the zen in your life.

Make an effort to feed your mind good stuff

Everyday I make a conscious effort to push positive and uplifting ish* into my mind. The first few moments I wake up I express gratitude for the fact that I woke up, with a morning meditation soon to follow. I want to push the positivity into my space intentionally. I also do my best to keep my sh*t from the day before, in the day before.

Get active

Whether you go hard in the gym for two hours or walk to the store as opposed to driving, staying active will boost your mind with endorphins to keep the positivity flowing. It can be a pain in the booty to get back in the cycle of exercising, but always rewarding. I notice a complete difference in my mind and body when I am staying on my exercise routine. For those who don’t like the gym, something even as simple as doing a 10-minute workout on youtube or a yoga class can make a difference. Staying fit physically helps the mind stay fit mentally. Vice versa!

Doing the dishes

I really have to be in the mood, but sometimes washing the dishes can be therapeutic. It’s a very simple but dedicated task that allows you to purify objects back to their clean state. Something about warm water and a good smelling dish soap that just hits differently.

Go for a drive

I think a lot of people resonate with this one. Going for a solo drive with the windows down (weather permitting) and the right music playing can be the perfect way to clear your head. Sometimes I actually drive in complete silence, you find the balance. I am grateful to have the Southern California scenery as the backdrop of my drives. I try to take advantage of having access to an ocean and coastline, I never want to get jaded by the beauty of Mother nature around me. It’s always been that way, even when I was back in New York.


Seems obvious, but staying consistent with your practice does take practice. I do pretty well at staying up on my daily meditation, even if it’s just five minutes. Anytime I feel sluggish or in need of some energy, I’ll take a moment to myself to clear my brain. Most of the time I imagine the inside of my brain as an open white marble space, with nothing inside of it. Pure peace!

If meditation is new to you, don’t get discouraged if your brain doesn’t want to turn off at first, it’s just like a muscle. It takes practice and effort to get to that white marble room.


That Vitamin D! There is nothing like natural warmth from the Earth. You ever notice you feel a flowing of “happy” feels when you sit in the sun? That is your body responding to the sun’s love, light, and warmth.

Get yourself an organic juice or wellness shot

My go to is a ginger shot. I can feel all the cells in my body jumping for joy when the ginger and cayenne pepper hit my insides. Our bodies are temples and it’s important to give them the nutrients they crave and need. Maybe next time instead of grabbing that mid-day coffee, opt for one of these littles bad boys instead. They pack a powerful punch of energy.

Trust & Faith

Whatever you believe, strengthen your trust in it. People don’t realize it takes work to build trust. Trust with yourself, with God, with other humans. It all takes work, but the process and results are rewarding. You begin to maneuver throughout your day in a more positive and connected space. Once I surrendered myself to what is meant to be as opposed to what I thought should be, life flowed better. Resistance will hinder you from following your destiny. Trust your process and what feels good in your soul. Don’t get frustrated when you have moments of weakness either. I have them time to time and I try to dig deeper to find the root of my doubt. Self-awareness is the first step to bettering yourself.


I go hard for my books. Reading is the perfect way to take yourself out of your own head for a bit. To enjoy some knowledge, whether it’s educational or entertainment, neva hurt nobody!

Self Care

Making sure you give time to yourself, even if just a weekly bath, is crucial. Those moments of winding-down allow your brain to take a break so it can regroup and move forward at its best ability.

The first step to healing humanity as a whole is starting with ourselves. That cliche statement “be the change you wish to see in the world” is actually extremely valid. If everyone focused on what makes their soul feel good inside, how could we be anywhere but at peace? I refuse to let the world harden me and I will be the light if I can’t find one. Taking the steps to find peace in your everyday life will transform your life, I can attest!