There are two types of people: those who watch Game of Thrones and those who don’t. It just so happens that we LOVE Game of Thrones over here. We also love cannabis and we figured why not pair cannabis strains with characters from our beloved television show. 

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Sansa as Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold takes a while to grow but when cultivated correctly provides an exceptional high. This strain gives us total “Sansa” vibes due to the growth she endures throughout all 8 seasons. She begins as a naive girl but we all knew the strength was inside her. As she maneuvers through her journey, she grows into a strong woman who begins leading Winterfell and showing off that destined strength. 

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Arya as Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a sweet and sedating strain, which seems parallel to Arya. Anyone who has witnessed her grow up throughout the seasons could take note of how this sweet young girl turned into a full blown assassin. This strain, being a blend of Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG, has a 1-2 punch to the head. The potency is equivalent to a strike from our lovely lady Arya. 

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Tormund as Laughing Buddha

I’m actually currently smoking Laughing Buddha, courtesy of Herbal Remedies in Sylmar. Laughing Buddha seemed pretty on point for our humorous Tormund. Its super frosty buds go hand-in-hand with Tormund’s upbringing in the ice cold with the free-folk. This strain is known to leave consumers giggling, even when battling something such as depression. Tormund, no matter what, always carried humor with him. His character brings a lot of laughs to the show.

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Daenerys as White Widow

The description of White Widow could almost describe Daenerys, our Mother of Dragon’s, to a T. The buds are white with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects soon to come. Daenerys’ signature white hair and beauty may fool some people into thinking she doesn’t come with serious power, but it won’t be long before she makes it known who is in charge. You won’t want to learn the hard way. 

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Bran as Northern Lights

Smoke some Northern Lights and you will be feeling like Bran. Northern Lights’ effects will flow through your body, relaxing muscles and putting your mind into a dream-like state. It will mellow you out and allow you to stay calm through whatever comes your way, even if it is the Night King.

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The Night King and The White Walkers as White Walkers

Covered in an icy coat of trichomes, White Walkers potency will handle you like the White Walkers did the Dothraki in the historic Battle of Winterfell. Take a puff of this and you will be feeling as unstoppable as the White Walkers did before Arya Stark did her thang.

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