I remember this experience clear as day. I was heading into my work office on a Wednesday of last year and my mom had called me. She was crying and told me my dad was in the ICU and that the doctors said to call family, as it didn’t seem he was going to make it to the weekend. My dad was suffering from a serious staph infection from a botched surgery and spinal meningitis, on top of his Parkinson’s Disease. I had to hop on red-eye that night. I remember that flight and how everything felt like it was in slow motion. I showed up to the hospital the next day to see my father laying lifelessly and down to 133 pounds. He eventually woke up and stared at me in disbelief that I was actually there. This is when my cannabis research and super-woman mode kicked iN.

I had started him on THCA capsules and CBD oil that exact day, not conversing with his doctors about it. I already knew what they were going to say and I figured I’d save us both the time. My dad began to grow stronger and his doctors were pleasantly surprised. They said, whatever you are doing keep doing it. Don’t worry Doc, we will. Eventually my dad was able to leave the hospital, get into physical therapy, and gain some weight back. I was glad that wasn’t the end. My dad is a tough dude, former military. Thus far, he has always bounced back. As emotionally draining as this trip was, it is also the reason I started my blog.

I said goodbye to my family, thanking God it was not a permanent goodbye. I got on my flight and ended up sitting next to a sweet elderly woman. I had the window seat, which is my go-to whenever possible. She was sitting in the middle and a man, probably in his early 40’s was sitting on the aisle seat. I was minding my own business and had my headphones in. The elderly woman and younger man were engaged in conversation. I don’t know how I caught this part of the conversation, I think it was fate, but I overheard the woman mention how her husband had just passed away from Parkinson’s Disease.

I typically don’t butt into others conversations, but after the week I just had, it just came out of my mouth. I said my condolences for her loss and mentioned that my father was currently battling the same disease. Her and I ended up talking for the remainder of the flight. I spoke to her about how I had been teaching myself all about how Cannabis and CBD works with the human body, and how it interacts with Parkinson’s specifically. I mentioned how my dad was able to walk again, without a walker. This was not because of the pills the doctors were feeding my dad either. I know this is because of the natural medicine he was putting in his body.

The woman mentioned to me that she, much like many others, had never been open to Cannabis as a remedy for her husband. It broke my heart to hear her voice that she wishes we met earlier, while he was still alive, so that she could’ve given Cannabis a try as well. I am not a doctor, nor do I know all there is to know about cannabis and the human body, but I have witnessed it bringing my father healing at a time he desperately needed it. She then said to me, “You should be documenting this. With Parkinson’s Disease, there’s not much hope or positivity and you're the first person I’ve ever seen with a positive outlook and determination to find solutions. I bet you will write a book one day.” This was the day In A Real Cool Mood came into fruition.


I am grateful to have my father around; my mom likes to joke that he has nine lives. I like to think that type of strength runs in my veins. There are tough times but I believe whole-heartedly that everything happens for a reason. My dad was actually supposed to go to Iraq when we received the results he had Parkinson’s, he was 49 years old at the time. Due to not meeting the medical standards, my dad had to retire from the military on disability and not go overseas. I am glad he did not go fight that war. Whether our cannabis journey together can inspire someone else going through something similar or he simply has a better quality of life from cannabis, I am happy. Shout out to my pops for being the reason I pieced this whole blog together and for trusting me on this adventure we are in together called life.