Considering that skin is our body’s biggest organ, it is crucial that we protect and nourish it properly. There are so many ways to keep your skin healthy, especially nowadays. I finally feel connected to a daily routine and regimen that keeps my skin happy, hydrated, and healthy. It is important to stay consistent with skincare, as longevity of skin health is the ultimate goal, right? One of the major ingredients in my skincare routine is CBD. CBD skincare is starting to become a trend, but a trend I don’t see dying at anytime soon. That’s because the science behind how CBD interacts with our body and skin shows to be promising.

Why does CBD work so well with our skin?

CBD oil is high in anti-oxidants like vitamin A,C, and E. Anti-oxidants protect the skin from free radicals AND DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR SKIN. cbd will improve sun damage, acne, wrinkles and more. this will decrease signs of aging in your skin as well. I HAVE NOTICED I’M MUCH MORE PLEASED WITH MY SKIN WHEN I USE SIMPLE AND NATURAL PRODUCTS AS OPOSED TO HEAVY-DUTY, CHEMICALly-FILLED PRODUCTS. For more information on why cbd and skincare are the dynamic duo, click here.

Below I have broken down my simple yet effective skincare routine:

Sunscreen: I am a sunscreen freak. I always carry it with me and apply it multiple times throughout the day if i am in the sun. Applying sunscreen blocks harmful rays from penetrating the skin and helps prevent skin disease. sunscreen also helps prevent premature aging. studies have shown that people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24% lesser chances of developing aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users. do your skin and yourself a favor and don’t leave the sunscreen out of your routine.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.31.49 PM.png

COCOCANNA HEMP BODY BUTTER: OK If you have been following in a real cool mood for a while you know i am obsessed with this product. it is my go-to face and body lotion. infused with hemp extract cbd, cococanna does wonders and for all skin types. the ingredients are simple- organic certified virgin coconut oil and triple lab tested hemp oil extract. i use cococanna on my face everyday after i wash it as well as my eyelashes. my skin has never felt better. i use it on my body too, of course. i was recently in miami, and everyday after i got out of the sun i slathered myself with cococanna. MY BODY THANKED ME EVERYTIME.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.44.54 PM.png

i was recently introduced to a brand, tikun olam. in hebrew, “tikun olam” translates to “repair the world.” that caught my attention immediately. the brands roots are based in israel, but they have gone worldwide, making their way over to california. with over a decade of cannabis studies and clinical trials, tikun olam is a proud pioneer and global leader in medical research studies. the founder of the company, tzachi cohen, mentored under dr. raphael mechoulam who is known as the godfather of cannabinoids. all of the strains that tikun’s products are created with are bred in the middle east and you will find no other products alike over here in the u.s.

bringing it back to skincare, i was able to get my hands on their alaska topical. the topicals are created with all natural ingredients as well as terpene and vitamin-enriched. with a body butter feel, the topical absorbs quickly into your skin. it has a slight scent, as their topical is infused with mango butter, leaving a light and pleasant aroma on your skin. i don’t use this product on my face. I use it mostly on my legs, especially after shaving. i have noticed a difference in my skin. bye bye to any type of razor bumps!

Last but not least, i use shea butter, specifically the now foods shea butter. this is the least expensive product, so i tend to use the most of it. my skin glows and glistens after using this product. i feel as smooth as a baby’s booty.

simply put, my routine breaks down to this:

cococanna on my face

tikun olam alaska topical on my legs

now foods shea butter everywhere else

a simple skincare routine doesn’t mean you neglect your skin. sometimes less really is more. we’d love to hear about your skincare routine and any recommendations you enjoy. follow us on instagram here and let us know!