Travel is one of the biggest inspirations I find in life. Everything from my choice of style, music selection, and the foods I eat have been inspired by travel and culture. Ultimately if I had a magic wand, I’d be traveling every month to new parts of the world. My soul evolves every time I explore a new place. Thinking back to being about 6 years old, I remember driving to an apple orchard with my mom, cousin, and baby sister at the time. It was at least a half hour away and it was the first time I realized there was a world outside the small town I was living in. I was in the backseat of my mom’s car, a little tiny. I was staring out the window amazed in seeing just a little slice of what the world had to offer.

My immediate family has never been the type to travel a lot. My mom and dad always say they don’t know where I came from. We’ve been to Canada, but that was the only “international” trip I made with my family. At the age of 16 I went to Europe without either of my parents. I visited my cousin who was studying abroad. This trip changed my life. Engulfing myself in a new culture, being very far away from my life at home, and practically being a child still - opened my eyes to a whole new side of myself. You see, no matter what skin color, race, language any of us have, we are just a reflection of one another. Society has created structures from generations and generations on to divide the human collective but if we break it down to the basics, we are all one.

I catch myself on the regular dreaming about different destinations, climates, and people. I want to seek knowledge and wisdom from every crevice of planet Earth. I have noticed, exploring new places and cultures has helped to strip myself of conditioning and programming from my comfort zone. It has opened my eyes to new beliefs, feelings, and food choices. (That’s the Taurus in me talking.) Perspective is everything, and I’ll tell you from personal experience, traveling to new places has humbled, inspired, and enlightened me. The Bible says, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Whatever it is that you believe in, you can never do wrong when spreading your love and light with the world.


Morocco has been one of the top places on my to-do list. Morocco was the country that sparked my love for the Arabic culture. The colors, the architecture, the language - I find it stunning.

toa-heftiba-tIK9VHzEO0A-unsplash (1).jpg


On top of always wanting to see the white architecture, eat Baklava, and check out the Parthenon (We learned all about it in Mrs. Adler’s 6th grade class.) I recently found out I am part Greek, too. I have an outfit that I bought in 2015 I refuse to wear until I am in Greece.


Tulum, Mexico

Considering I live in California, this destination is quite easily accessible. I just have to find the time, hah! Tulum, Mexico: home of the Mayan Ruins. I dreaaaaaaaaam of this place. On top of the natural beauty it has to offer, I know there is a deeper energy going on in this area.


Petra, Jordan

Another place in the Middle East that is on my list, Jordan! I want to ride through the tombs and temples of Petra, known as the Rose City. I want to feast on some Mansaf, Makloubeh, and Kanafeh too.

callie-joseph-I4PEltFE6v8-unsplash (1).jpg


Ideally - I would hop on over the Jordan River from Jordan to the Holy Land of Israel. There are a few reasons I want to visit. For one, as stated earlier, it is the Holy Land because of its association with the birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I want to float in the Dead Sea. Israel is also considered the mecca of cannabis research. Seems odd, but actually makes so much sense.



I’ve always had a thing for the culture of Cuba. I’m unfortunately not a huge fan of the Cuban Cuisine, but maybe I’d feel differently in Cuba. I like the culture, the colors, the history, the cars…. the list could go on and on.


Alaska, US

Point blank, I want to throw myself into the nature Alaska has to offer but my main reason in going to Alaska would be to see the Northern Lights.


Montana, US

Montana has been popping up a lot on my radar lately. I would love a long weekend there in a big log cabin to explore. I’ve heard Montana is a beautiful place.



OK, if you are a Game of Thrones fan Croatia should be on your list. Dubrovnik was the main filming location in Croatia for King's Landing. On top of that, this city just oozes historical beauty.



My third grade teacher, Mrs. Flanagan, assigned our class a project that was one of my favorites to this day. Each student was assigned a country and had to create a “trunk” that was supposed to resemble their country and create “artifacts” and “souvenirs” from that country as if we had traveled there. Each student presented their trunks and taught the class about their country. I was assigned Kenya. I taught myself a lot about the country and was especially intrigued by the Maasai tribes and Giraffe Manor.


Milan, Italy

Coming from an Italian family, of course Italy is on my list. Out of all of the fashion weeks in the world, Milan is the one I really want to go to.


South of France

After my first trip to France recently, I was told I went to the wrong part. Of course I had to see Paris, but the South of France is where it’s at! I have always dreamed of going to the Cannes, for the film festival and because it looks like a place where even the air smells luxurious. I also want to make my way to Bordeaux for the wine and beaches.